Spiced Up Cold Brew Iced Tea Recipe

Written by QuikTea on July 20, 2020


Iced tea is a perfect low calorie, refreshing drink for summer. And with added lemon, it can even serve to replenish minerals.

Did you know that the first iced tea was created by accident in 1904 by Richard Blechynden at the World Fair in St. Louis? He added ice to his tea to increase sales and a phenomenon was born. Although households in the Southern United States were technically making iced tea for much longer, its popularity increased after the World Fair.

There are many ways to make iced tea, but our Spiced Up Cold Brew Iced Tea Recipe brings in the power of the sun and time, brewing an iced tea that preserves all the flavor of the Assam tea found in every tea bag we make.

Fed by the mighty Brahmaputra river, all of our QuikTea tea bags are made with 100% Assam Tea and we proudly carry the Assam Rhino Mark.


QuikTea Masala Tea Bags (72 count)

Cold Water

Lemon or Lime/Mint as desired



Place 6 QuikTea Masala Tea Bags in a tall glass container or pitcher with a lid.  Add 32 Fl.Oz of cold water over the tea bags and steep overnight near a window that catches the morning sun. Optionally, add sugar as needed.

Remove the tea bags and discard them.

Pour in a tall glass with ice and enjoy. Serve with lemon/lime slices and/or mint sprigs, if desired.

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