QuikTea Rewards Program

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Ways to Earn QTea Points

  • 1 QTea point for every $1 (USD) product purchased.
  • 100 QTea points awarded when a user registers
  • 100 QTea Points awarded when a logged in user reviews a product at QuikTea.com

QTea Points Policy

  • QTea points are awarded automatically to guests with a registered billing and user email
  • QTea Points are awarded on a product basis and not on the cart total.
  • When coupons are used, the coupon value will be removed from cart total and consequently points gained will be reduced as well.
  • Points are removed for total or partial refunds
  • Points are rounded up.  Eg, 1.5 points will be rounded up to 2.
  • No points awarded while redeeming

Redeeming Points

  • Reward Conversion Rate Is 100 Points to $1 (USD)
  • The customer points are automatically applied on the cart/checkout page
  • Points are reassigned for total or partial refunds
  • Redeem Points and apply coupons are allowed on the same order


  • Points are valid for 365 (days) from date they are assigned.
  • An email will be sent to the email address on file, 30 days before the expiration date

View your current Loyalty Points

You can see your Points total once you login only.

  • In the Shopping cart at checkout, you will have an option to redeem any available QTea points towards your purchase.
  • In the “My Accounts” pull down, select “My points” from the Top Navigation bar.

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