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So, start your day off right or cool down after a hot afternoon with a Madras Coffee by your side. Once you’ve had Madras Coffee, there is no turning back and this cold coffee version only makes it twice as delightful.

Our Madras Coffee Quik Shakes are made with pure low fat milk, freshly roasted arabica coffee and chicory beans, pure cane sugar and Stevia. Madras Coffee is our expression of the authentic Filter Coffee or Kaapi from South India.  It has all the flavor of a smooth and full-bodied coffee in a ready to drink beverage that is best enjoyed ice cold, straight from the refrigerator!

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All the robustness of Arabica coffee, Chicory blended with the refreshing goodness of milk to ease all your cares away.

  • Each pack comes with 4 single serve cans of Madras Coffee (Cold Coffee) drink. 
  • 50% less sugar compared to other brands.
  • Shelf stable for 12 months.
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • All-in-One Convenience – Ready to drink
  • 100% Vegetarian

Allergen Information:

CONTAINS MILK SOLIDS. Contains and/or is Produced in a facility that also processes milk and treenuts (almonds, cashew nuts, and pistachios).

Calcium Benefits from Milk: Healthy Bones & Teeth

Coffee Benefits: Boost energy levels & physical performance, helps burn fat.  Other than caffeine, coffee also contains antioxidants & other active substances that may reduce internal inflammation & protect against disease.

Open a chilled can and enjoy the refreshing Ready to Drink Mango Lassi!

  • Water
  • Skim Milk Powder
  • Milk Solids,
  • Sugar
  • Instant Coffee
  • Instant Chicory
  • Stevia & Stabilizers


What is the caffeine content in your products?

Caffeine Content
Madras Coffee - 31mg
Unsweetened Madras Coffee - 42mg
All Chai teas -4mg
All Unsweetened Chai - 3mg

What is the Best Before date of the product?

The 1st 5 digits of the Batch code contain the product Best Before date. Of that 5 numbers, the 1st 2 digits is the Year. The last 3 numbers represent the day of the year. For eg. 21261 would translate to a Best Before Date of Sept 18, 2021. (See picture)



What kind of guarantee do you have on your products?
We offer a full exchange or refund (your choice) if you are not completely satisfied.  All we ask is that you let us know what was wrong with the product and provide us a picture of the product and a receipt of purchase.  Please email us at information@quikfoods.com with this information.
How do I make a cup of QuikTea Chai Tea Latte?
Empty the packet into an 8oz cup, add hot (85deg C or 185deg F) water, stir and enjoy!
How do I make a cup of QuikCafe Madras Coffee?
Empty the packet into an 8oz cup, add hot (85deg C or 185deg F) water, stir and enjoy!
How do I make a cup of QuikTea Organic Darjeeling Leaf Tea?
Boil water, add 1 teaspoon of Darjeeling tea to a pot, add 6oz of hot water and let it steep for 2 minutes. Strain into a cup. Add creamer or lemon as desired. Relax and Enjoy!
Can I make an iced tea/coffee?
Empty the packet into an 8oz cup, add 1 Oz of hot (85deg C or 185deg F) water, stir and fill the rest with cold water and ice. Enjoy!
Are these tea bags or ready mix pouches?
We sell both tea bags and Ready mix pouches containing milk tea and sugar. Just add hot water.
Are there artificial sweeteners in the sugar-free version?
No artificial sweeteners. The unsweetened versions have no added sweeteners of any kind. The regular versions use natural sweeteners only.

For more frequently asked questions, please refer to QuikTea`s FAQ

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