QuikTea Chai Latte is made from all natural ingredients. No artificial flavors or preservatives are added.  All ingredients are GMO free.

The ingredients for QuikTea chai Latte are:

Instant Tea
Skim Milk powder
Pure Cane Sugar – in regular version (Unsweetened version does not have any Sugar added)
Spice flavors

Since QuikTea chai tea is a natural product, it is normal to have sediments of the spices as you drink your QuikTea.

QuikTea Chai latte (Chai tea) is made from the choicest blend of Assam & Darjeeling Teas. Our master blender chooses the teas at the peak of their flavor and aroma before converting the raw tea into an instant tea.  We add the best spices grown in Kerala (God’s country) and other parts of India and use them to flavor the chai latte.


Our tea bags are made from 100% Assam Black tea.  We add coarse ground spices to flavor our teas.

Organic Leaf Teas:

We use only 100% Organic Leaf Teas grown on the slopes of the mighty Himalayas. We add nothing and the Organic Leaf Teas are GMO Free