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Cardamom Chai Tea Slushy Written by QuikTea celebrating the Summer If you’re like me, you’re not just content drinking your QuikTea Cardamom Chai Tea Latte hot, you want to be able to drink it cold as well. Introducing, the Cardamom Chai Tea Slushy! Enjoy your week guys. Ingredients: 1 cup of Milk or Milk substitutes […]

Spiced Up Cold Brew Iced Tea Recipe Written by QuikTea on July 20, 2020   Iced tea is a perfect low calorie, refreshing drink for summer. And with added lemon, it can even serve to replenish minerals. Did you know that the first iced tea was created by accident in 1904 by Richard Blechynden at […]

‘Un’Orthodox Mojito Recipe Written by “QuikTea Totaller” on July 16, 2020   Do you ever find yourself looking for a cool, tall drink on a hot evening? I do too, which is why I suggest sipping on this refreshing cocktail (or should I say mocktail) with your special friend… Orthodox tea refers to loose leaf tea made […]

Madras Coffee Latte Mug Cake Recipe Written by a Jittery QuikCafe fan on July 13, 2020   Sitting down on my couch after dinner and I realize that my pantry offers absolutely nothing for my sweet tooth! I really need to go to the grocery store when I’m starving, as that’s the only time I […]